Jackie Robinson

You don’t have to be a certain color to play baseball.

At one time people thought that only whites could play professional baseball .Well my hero changed history forever.His name Jackie Robinson .He was one of the first black men to play pro baseball.

The reason i picked him was he did something no other man could.He played professional baseball on a whites field.

Now he faced a lot of problems doing this.He was the better person when he was spit at ,called names and threatened.

He never did fight back and that’s what makes him my hero.

Every one who said he could not they got shown up by Jackie. No matter what color you can.

valentine’s day

Valentine’s day selbrats copels and true love between each other and on this day they give each other candy and flowers and gifts for one another they selubrate anuther valentine’s day.

The person who created valentine’s is Saint Valentine’s started this day and some people belive he started this because they thought he did to help christians ecape from jail.